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Our Blog Best Way to prepare for IELTS examination at home

Best Way to prepare for IELTS examination at home

The International English Language Testing System, very popularly known as IELTS is a preliminary condition when somebody is supposed to shift to Canada. Either one has to clear the IELTS examination or they have to clear the French language proficiency test. This is a compulsory condition as both of these are native languages of Canada. If an aspirant is not able to clear the language examination their immigration application is straightaway rejected by the authorities.

Prepare the IELTS examination

Clearing the language examination is one of the important steps because being a language expert otherwise the aspirant will not be able to communicate properly in the foreign country. Communication is the key of everything and language is fuel to the key so knowing the language where you are living or moving is important. Without proper knowledge you will be lost in a foreign country and if you know the language then you will be able to communicate your thoughts and expression well to the native people and hence you can easily settle in the new country. So, clearing the examination with required bands is very important as well as useful. It is for the benefit of the aspirant. So, it is important to understand the real reason behind the examination and this will help us to understand the motive and hence we will prepare the IELTS examination with vigour and not under compulsion but understanding the true meaning. When we understand the language is important for us then we will take the preparations more seriously and work hard not only to achieve better scores but understand the real essence of the language.

This test is compulsory for students, professionals, under family visas, only tourists are exempted from this examination.

Once you have made up your mind to clear the examination, the next step is to prepare for the IELTS examination and book the examination for the same. It is important that you prepare well for the examination and then attempt it. If you are a student or professional then you need to score at least 6.5 to 7 bands and above for the admission to the country. If you are applying under spouse or family visa then even 5 bands from the eligibility. Hence, one needs to prepare according to the requirement as mentioned on the website while checking for the application.

The next step is how to prepare for the examination. Well, there are generally two ways, either the aspirant is able to prepare for the examination through the institution and or the applicant is able to prepare for themselves.

Prepare for the Examination yourself at Home

Well, no doubt how you prepare the most important thing is to understand the IELTS exam format and then only you can attend the paper properly. If you are not able to understand the IELTS exam format then you may not be able to attempt the examination properly. So, first of all get a proper idea about the format and then start the preparations.

If you are well acquainted with the language then you work and prepare for the examination yourself at home. Well, we have certain exclusive tips that will help you to prepare for the examination.


Understand your IELTS test: Proper knowledge of the test will help you stay on track to prepare for the IELTS English test. Understand the Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing sections of IELTS and also, check out the types of questions you are likely to answer. By doing so, you will be able to answer questions swiftly and with ease.

To improve your reading. You may work on it by making it a habit to read newspapers, magazines, journals and novels. Also, study the English grammar books to tweak your grammar and writing skills.


Engage in English-based activities- You may opt for fun-scrabble time with your friends and family or spend some time on the online preparation apps. Adapt to the engaging method of play-way learning.

Take at least 15 IELTS practice tests: Well before appearing for the real examination, taking as many practice tests before your actual IELTS test is an amazing way to prepare yourself for the paper. This will get you used to listening mindfully, speed-reading, writing with a flair and speaking with confidence. Each of these activities will make you successful.

Practice speaking/interviewing with your friends: You may ask your friends or colleagues to conduct mock interviews. Discuss general topics, allow your audience to observe your style of presenting facts, thoughts and opinions. Discuss if your expression on the subject matter is apt.

Watch cross-cultural movies: Another option is you can watch movies. They help you pick up on accents and dialects. The influence of culture, geography and the tribe of the population reflects directly in the movies.