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Study Abroad Guide for Parents

All you need to know when sending your child to study abroad

It can be both exciting and frightening for your child to study abroad. One thing you know is that your child is about to experience a great life and at the same time will get essential learning of life skills, exploring a new world, and higher education. It may be anxious, on the other hand, to send your child to a foreign world too young alone. To send them safely and happily there are things to keep in mind while planning for your child's studies. PAC will guide you completely about important things to consider before sending your child to study abroad.

You may feel a little helpless when your child began their journey. But despite the distances, you can do certain things to make the journey smooth for you and your child for studying abroad. Because as a parent it’s your prime duty to help and train your child in this crucial career-making decision, that will surely benefit your child for his whole life and Your child will also be thankful towards you for your support.

Here are a few tips on, All you need to do when sending your child to Study Abroad - Study Abroad is a phase of learning for both students and Parents. Let’s Enjoy this amazing opportunity of Learning. 

What did you need to do as a parent?

You must know about what your child is inspired by and taking interest in. As a parent, you must be involved in your child’s career decision-making procedure to bend their life in the right direction. You may have concerns and questions in your head while taking this big decision for sending them to a new land. But thinking of this, That you are going to give the best education and life to them can motivate you. 

Discuss goals openly -

Come on Listen and Understand why your child is looking over abroad to drive their career or for personal experience. It is important to know and support them till when they are choosing the right direction for them at the end it will make them self dependent and responsible. Trust the bond and nurtured you have with them. This will embrace you to get ready for sending them into the desired nation for making their future! 

Stay informed -

As a parent, you must stay updated with your children’s stuff, interest, and dreams. You must take part in analyzing and researching about the courses, universities, country and its lifestyle they are interested in is perfect for their move or not. Coz their move can define their future personality, and it is all for that you are deciding to send them so that it must be taken carefully under your guidance and information. 

Consider your challenges -

Contact your abroad belongings and friends who are already there or sent their children abroad, And ask for guidance about your child like what’s new there, and what to do before passing them, and pre-prepare your child for a new atmosphere and environment. Tell them about the problems you are facing and see how to solve them. The thumb rule is before listing any option make your head clear with every doubt. 

Safeguard their health before they leave -

Before passing them abroad it’s your prime duty to get a complete health checkup of your child such as a general physical and dental checkup, and gynecological tests (if required). A pre-checkup helps in ensuring that your child is moving perfectly from here. Make sure that you are sending them with a complete first aid box, shots, and boosters that may be required anytime. Talk to their physicians if any particular prescriptions are prescribed for them, who can guide them about the name, potency, and purity of the medicine available in their destination. While packing your children’s bags make sure you are putting all the essential and necessary stuff related to their health.

Seek professional counseling - 

We are more than willing to support you and guide you and your children in every phase of the passage. Our guidance can help you understand things such as In what you are required to be more or less focused, In what time what needs to be done, or whatnot. If you are stuck with any questions and worries feel free to ping us for students who choose to study abroad for settling their future, PAC provides free counseling and support. 

Know how much you will have to spend - 

Having proper planning for the budget can motivate you to spend it on your child’s education. The budget of studying abroad is not only about the tuition fees it includes many more such as accommodation, traveling, clothing, transport, food, exploring, calling, and health fitness. Our financial guidance for studying can help ease your budgeting for your child’s staying abroad. PAC will introduce you to many schemes and processes that will surely help you financially for your child’s education such as scholarships, educational loans, and financial aid. 

Make a detailed plan - 

Once you are done with all research, analysis and have now enough overview for the process of sending your child abroad. Next, Be prepare for giving a path to your decision. Start giving executions to your plan that you have planned in the process of analysis. Look over all the required steps like making yourself ready with the document, budget, certificate, and Visa. You will need a professional for this, and PAC will always be the preferred choice for you.

Travel safety is crucial -

It is already a big challenge to send your child thousands of kilometers away, so it is necessary to be sure about their safety on the flight.

1. Don’t forget to get Travel Insurance.

2. Know about the abroad local rules and student rights.

3. Students should be vaccinated well before in a new destination for common diseases.

4. Parents and Children both must-have emergency contacts.

5. Send them with the complete set of medication.

6. Guide your child about safety tips and home remedies for little things

Plan your visits -

Once your children have landed and settled there, Do not worry about them. Talk to them daily, be connected with their every story, and plan your visit. This will help you to keep close to them, which will help you in feeling glad seeing them settled and will provide emotional support to your child in the new nation. 

It is often harder for parents to take their children to an entirely different location. Studying abroad is a big challenge for both parents and children. But deep down we all are familiar with the fact that we have to take this bravest decision for building our child's future and providing them a lifetime of experience of this world in one-shot. With this opportunity they will have a wonderful chance to experience abroad, widening their horizons and thought, establishing their life. 

So, Be Happy And Wish Them Good LUCK!

So here my suggestion to you is as a parent you need not fear for their safe and enjoyable passage in a new land, Passage Abroad Consultant (PAC) is here to help and cover them with our complete package of services.