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Study Abroad guidance in Easy Steps

These steps are provided by us to ease your passage and make you deeply aware of every kind of stuff that needs to be known and done by you if you are planning for your overseas educational tour.

Look over the Step by step Guide to Study Abroad:-
● Do Research & Select your Study Destination
Do your research based on your aspiration about countries, universities, courses, or programs. The world is so big and existing of many countries so picking the perfect nation with the perfect university and program is a great challenge. So while researching and selecting a destination be careful, pick one of the best for you and collect every bit of knowledge about that country, university, and course or program because studying abroad does not change your classes or university, It changes the nation. Analyze your wishlist completely before your move if you're facing trouble in picking the right one for you, PAC experts are here to help you.
Start Browsing!
● Choose Passage Abroad Consultant (PAC)-
Have an appointment with a PAC when you are ready. We have professional knowledge of migrating students worldwide successfully.
Contact us and deliver all your wishlist and course preferences. Our aim to make your future established by providing you your selected course that ideally matches every detail under your dream destination.
Once the destination and university are final, forward your application to us so that we can give it the right flow bypassing your application to your desired university. We work in providing 100% chances of your acceptance.
PAC’s approach is to maintain a good presence in all of our markets by providing you proper face-to-face or online support.
Connect with PAC!
● Application and Document Acceptance-
We will provide you a set of courses and universities based on your preference to finalize. This will include links, details, facilities, structure, and tuition fees to each course, as well as admission conditions, application or documentary deadlines, and any other key information.
Once the course selection is complete, Passage Abroad Consultancy will then start applying for your preferred course in your preferred university. We check and certify your documents on behalf of the institution and university and will receive the study acceptance within the minimum turn-around time.
After the submission of your application, the university will examine your application completely then revert you with the statements about your application selection. Processing your application can take up to a few weeks.
If you will be successfully selected, you will get an approval letter from them. Before taking the acceptance, let it check with your advisor.
Be Ready with Documents!
● Your Visa
The key duty is to apply for the student visa after accepting the application letter. Since each country has its collection of formalities to follow, Our PAC team will direct you through the process of obtaining a visa and help you ready with the appropriate documents or certificates for your student visa.
Studying Abroad requires a student visa to fly for any period of your course. We provide detailed migration guidance and application support to assist and migrate people who prefer overseas education. To obtain more information, please submit your request or contact a Passage Abroad Consultancy Office.
Get Your Visa!
● Ready to Fly
Before passing you abroad we look for your perfect accommodation location and staying services, We do help you in booking your flight tickets on time, and even we help you in packing about what to carry and what to not.
Now Finally, It is time to take a flight! Heartiest Congratulations- You are into a Best Opportunity!
Passage Abroad Consultancy offers many services to ensure healthy, safe, and friendly travel to your destination. We offer you a comfortable life in a new nation. We're focused on ensuring you feel supported at every step even after your settlement.
Your PAC team is always available to help you calm your nerves, in case you face trouble, and take feedback from time to time whenever you are required help in a foreign land, we have got your back. Let’s GO!