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What Is IELTS-.

The word IELTS is termed as International English Language Testing System.IELTS is a popular exam that is used to check your English language proficiency for worldwide migration.

IELTS has been originated by the world’s prime assessment specialist in which they test the complete extent of English skills that is compulsory to qualify if you are looking for abroad migration whether for studying or working.

The qualified certificate of IELTS is valued and recognized globally as in 140 countries around the world and more than 10,000 institutions, organizations, associations, and government, or

private companies prefer IELTS results to let you get in.

The following elements will be evaluated while the IELTS test- Listening, Reading, Writing,Speaking.

There are 2 types of IELTS exam you must choose the correct one based on your requirement-

● IELTS ACADEMIC- This option is for individuals applying for higher education or professional registration and mainly University students seeking admission to universities and programs where English is the medium of communication.

● IELTS GENERAL TRAINING- This test is for individuals applying for all other immigration like Staying Abroad, Working Abroad, and more other reasons to migrate, this test is required to qualify.